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OpenHotel Blog Partner Performance Offer
In order to help support our properties' growth is inviting eligible properties to join a 30% Commission Discount offer. Once you fulfill a specific opt-in criteria*, and hit a set sales target*, they pay a reduced commission (30%) for all excess room nights.

From now until April 16, 2023, each property may be asked to either set-up a

Mobile Rate – we all know this rate is the most popular amongst guests and is a sure way to reach a mobile-first audience to acquire bookings.


Genius Rate – ensures higher visibility in guest searches.

Deadline for property to opt-in is March 31, 2023.


How does the property join the offer, you ask?

● Step 1: Visit the opportunities Page via your software interface or in the property's Extranet page

● Step 2: Click on 'Partner Commission Discount'.

● Step 3: After reviewing the offer, click 'Get started'

● Step 4: Fulfill the opt-in criteria (Mobile Rates, or Availability)

● Step 5: Once done, click 'Join offer' to activate offer.  


Properties can easily monitor their success once opt-in is successful. The initial page will turn into the site to monitor sales and savings. Properties can easily revisit the page at any time Extranet>Opportunities>Partner commission discount.

Let's started and save!