OpenHotel Pricing
No Setup Fee. No Contract. No Percentages. No Kidding.

Property Management System Pricing

$4 per room per month
Monthly Minimum $60
Our pricing is simple. We call it 'No Asterisk' pricing. You get groups, booking engine, packages, extras, support, forever training, unlimited users, and much more for a flat per room rate.

At any time you may pay annually and save 15%.

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Channel Manager Monthly Pricing

  • up to 10 rooms $35
  • 11-20 rooms $40
  • 21-40 rooms $50
  • 41-60 rooms $55
  • 61-80 rooms $65
  • 81-100 rooms $70
  • 101-150 rooms $90
  • 151-200 rooms $105
  • 201-300 rooms $140
  • 301+ rooms $200
No per channel fee or transaction fee. Connect to all or some of all available channels.

At any time you may pay annually and save 15%.
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Yield Management

  • Monthly $50
  • Annual $510
Yield Management automates your decisions to raise and lower rates and to open and close OTAs. It can save you substantial money on commissions while getting the most out of every room night booked.

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Website Design Pricing

One time fee - No monthly hosting fees!
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Booking Engine Pricing

Included at no charge for OpenHotel PMS Clients
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