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Channel Manager

Manage more than rates and inventory.

Your New Advanced
Channel Manager System

Features beyond your expectations. Save time and money, reduce rate errors,
and virtually eliminate overbookings.


0% Overbookings
99.9% Connectivity
Top 2% Awarded Worldwide


Instant rate and inventory updates through one point of management. Automate yield closeouts when specific conditions are met. Eliminate overbookings.


Direct property connection with room and rate mappings. Full content application to help standardize across all channels. Complete integration with all OpenHotel applications suite.

Rate Plans

Simply manage a single rate plan with complex strategy while integrated with the PMS. Customize rate variations with derived rate and discount tiers working behind the scenes to maximize revenue.

Custom Rate

Customize a rate interface specific to your own rate strategy needs. Combine all channels into one rate line or parse them out. Derive promos and special negotiated rate plans, in one place.

API Tools

Streamline content across channels using our complete content API tools. Add/edit in real time: policies, promos, rooms, rates, images, reporting, even guest reviews and engagement, displayed throughout the PMS.

Deep Integration with
PMS and Yield Manager

Having developed all OpenHotel products in-house and on the same platform, we unleashed a multiplication effect on features and productivity. Our proprietary rate system seamlessly integrates with the Channel Manager to give you the most control and options with the most ease. Our Yield Manager provides comprehensive data on how rate rules influence revenue, ADR and occupancy, empowering you with the best insights.

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