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Save Time and Increase Accuracy - Isn't that what a PMS is suppose to do?
We never nickel and dime you at OpenHotel. You need an ID scanner?  Just order one on Amazon or eBay then call support and they will flip the switch. It is limited to a specific brand and model but there is no mark up from us and not additional fee for use.
What does an ID scanner do?

An ID scanner is an electronics device that sits next to your computer, typically at the front desk. When you but the back of the drivers license next to the scanning area the data that is on the license and automatically enters it into the OpenHotel PMS. Great for walk-ins! You save time and improve the accuracy of the the information entered into the PMS.

The area that is read on the drivers license is the barcode on the back. Right now there are approximately 40 states that have a readable bar code.

Operating a scanner is pretty straight forward and easy. As always support is here to help you with any questions.