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How to transfer data from one property management system to another?

How to transfer data from one property management system to another?

1. Find out if your new hotel property management system is able to import future reservations, past reservations and guest information. OpenHotel supports all three.
2. Download as much data as possible. Typically downloads are saved in an Excel format. Do not try and limit what you download. Download all fields with no filters. Most systems allow some type of download. Some PMS systems have a fee to download.

If you have been a hotelier for any amount of time you know that one of the biggest issues on changing to a new hotel PMS is the transfer of data. You don't want to loose all the valuable guest history that you have accumulated for years.
The answer on how to transfer data is not a clean cut as you would think. There are two major considerations that are important as mentioned above. Each of these have their own things that you have to think about.

Let's talk about importing from one PMS to another PMS first. You have a lot of things that you are looking for in a new PMS. One of the questions you should ask your new hotel software provider is if they can import, what they can import and what does it cost to import the data from your old property management system to their system. Also ask how long does it take. Obviously you want it done on a timely mater.

OpenHotel can import both future and past reservations along with guests' information. Future reservations are free. All guest information is free. There is a fee for past reservations. The fee is based on the number of reservations. Ask your account rep for complete details.

How do you export data from your existing Hotel PMS?

This depends completely on the system. Each system is different and there is no universal set of data that will be exported. The best procedure is to download ALL data that is available. Let your new property management software company determine what they can import. There are some hotel software companies that do not provide customer access to download but provide the data as an additional paid service

Timing of the transfer of data is also important. You don't want to download a month in advance and have to keep track of new reservations and changes. If you can download the data yourself, timing is easier. If you have to have your old pms software company provide the data to you then make sure there is a due date in the agreement.

OpenHotel has transferred millions of reservations from one property management system to the OpenHotel PMS system. It is just another way that we work to make our hotel clients' life easier with the best hotel software.