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OpenHotel Channel Manager and Agoda is Asia's leading OTA.

And now the OpenHotel Channel Manager has a direct connection to this powerful engine. Agoda works with hotels worldwide. Their customer base is strongest throughout Asia. If you want your hotel to be exposed to the international markets, you need to be on Agoda.

How does the OpenHotel Channel Manager work? 

The channel manager provides live inventory to the OTAs including Agoda. Reservations that are made on any connected channel go immediately into the OpenHotel system. You can also limit inventory and provide different rates to any of the connected channels.

This short video will provide you with an overview.

If you already have the OpenHotel Channel manager, there are no additional fees to add Agoda to your interface.

What do I need to do to connect to Agoda?

If you already subscribe to the OpenHotel Channel Manager and already have an account with Agoda, please send a connection request Include your Agoda ID.

If you are not an Agoda partner and would like to participate, please sign up here. Once you have your account established simply send your Agoda ID to

If you are not on the OpenHotel Channel Manager and would like additional information, please drop us an email or call us at