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Have you heard of TripAdvisor Review Express?
Need more reviews on your TripAdvisor listing? Being able to sleep at night, knowing your guests enjoyed their stay and will most likely recommend your property, is key to a successful hotel business. Don't you think? 
TripAdvisor has a very neat feature called Review Express and is available through your openhotel channel manager connection. I know not many of you are aware of it, but it's Free and can be activated at anytime based on request.  

Review Express is a unique collection tool used to create and send aesthetically pleasing emails to encourage guests to write reviews of your hotel on TripAdvisor. You can create customized email campaigns to run automatically and with your property's branding. There is a dashboard you can use to view in-depth analysis for tracking and to fully optimize your campaigns whenever you need to. 

On average, review express can generate nearly 30% increase in customer reviews on your TripAdvisor listing, and did I mention, it is Free?!

Getting started is simple. Go to and type in your property name to access the home page. This access will give you everything you need to start creating your email campaign. Follow the instructions and you are on your way!

With the help from your certified connectivity partner OpenHotel, sending Review Express emails can be even easier. Once your email campaigns are created, and you become eligible with TripAdvisor, there is an option to "automate" located on the review express home page. After you choose to automate, send us a support ticket to to activate the review express feature on your already connected TripAdvisor channel. When this is activated all reservations that come through the openhotel system, TripAdvisor will send your customized review express email to all guests after they check-out. This is a great way to collect guest feedback and to increase your listing even more on TripAdvisor. 

To read more about this feature visit TripAdvisor Review Express Guide

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