Google Free Booking Listings for Hotels

Let OpenHotel Put 

Your Property's Rates

and Availability on Google

  • Rates and Availability Live on Google
  • No commission and no ad fees from Google
  • Included with the OpenHotel Channel Manager
    at no additional cost
  • Books directly on your website
  • Reservations go directly into OpenHotel PMS
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Google Commission Free Hotel Listings - What are they?

Google Free%20Booking%20Listings

Google has announced Free Hotel Booking Links allowing hotels to

 display rates and availability on the Google Hotel Meta Search and on

Google Maps. This will provide hotels with the ability to offer direct

 bookings and avoid steep OTA commissions. Way to go, GOOGLE!!

Direct Integration with OpenHotel 

OpenHotel and%20Google

OpenHotel, after working with Google throughout the

 beta testing process, is now offering the Google

 integration to all of their  Channel Manager clients. 

Rates and availability flow two ways in  real time 

and guests book directly on your site. 

How cool  is that?

What will my listings look like?

Google will pull your rates and availability directly from your settings in OpenHotel and display them on Google search and on Google Business listings.

google free%20hotel%20booking%20listings%20example

Does everyone have Free Booking Listings? 
How to%20check%20Google%20Free%20Listings

No, but we have made it easy for you to check your property.
Step #1

Go to Google.com and search for your property name and city.

Step #2

You will see a blue box that says Check Availability and View More Rates below the OTA listings. You must have a Google Business listing in order to use Free Booking Links. 

Most properties will have a business listing.  If you do not, Google has some great articles to assist you. How to Claim and Manage my Google Business Listing

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Step #3

Now, on this page you will see two sections. The add section is at the top but if you 
scroll down to All Options you should see your free booking link. If you do not see it then your link is not active. To be active, your PMS/Channel Manager must be an authorized Google partner. If you are looking for a PMS and Channel Manager that can help you and stays up on the latest technology, please consider OpenHotel.

How Google%20Free%20Hotel%20Listings%20Work

OpenHotel is one of the leading software providers for hotels. Not only are we bringing you Google Free Booking Links, we are also a Booking.com Premier Partner,  and an Elite Expedia Partner. We beta test for both. Shouldn't your software provider be the best.
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