Channel Manager Integration for OpenHotel Sync with OTAs
OTA Integration with a single point of management
What is Channel Management?
The OpenHotel Channel Manager saves time and money, reduces error rates and virtually eliminates over bookings
  • Two way sync means that rates and availability are synced between the OpenHotel PMS and the supported OTAs.
  • Reservations are automatically added to the OpenHotel PMS with all the information provided by the OTAs.
  • OTA cancelled reservations are updated in the OpenHotel PMS and inventory is adjusted.
  • You can close or limit channels at any time.
Review GDS and OTA revenue reports to see how well you are doing on the channels.
These reports are broken down by month and include details such as reservation details, average daily rate, nights consumed, nights booked, and above all revenue.

Easy to use navigation will take you directly to the booked reservation to view details of the reservation for full analysis.

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