OpenHotel Channel Manager
Manage your rooms and rates on the leading hotel and travel booking channels in real-time
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Direct Connections - No third Parties
  • Faster
  • More Reliable
  • Stable Pricing
  • Better Support
Save time and money, reduce error rates and virtually eliminate over bookings
Everything in one place
Login to one administration area and manage all rates and inventory for your website, all the major channels and GDS in one place.
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Easily see how well you are doing on the channels
Reports are broken down by month and include average daily rate, nights consumed, nights booked, and revenue.
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Our pricing is simple
We disclose full pricing up front. No Setup Fee. No Contract. No Percentages.
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Our clients love us
"Excellent software that is ideal for the small hotelier looking to drive web based distribution. Integrated Channel Management, Website Booking Engine, built in credit card processing and simple to use but powerful reporting are just some of the features I really love.”
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