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For Admins and Managers

How to add them and where they show.

Important for Reporting

How to change your PMS confirmations from WEB-

How to define the access you want your PMS users to have

How to set up different security levels.

Different ways to process your transactions and what to do in order to automate credit card processing.

What do you look for in your hotel software?

See a quick overview in 3.5 minutes

Granted it has been awhile since I was a hotelier.

For those of you that are already on the OpenHotel booking engine, you have probably noticed an increased number of reports and additional information on your existing reports. Here are a few of the new reports that will be on the OpenHotel PMS system. All reports are downloadable to Excel or printable in PDF format. Source reports - you will be able to track the source of reservations as they are input by your staff. Of course, that means they have to actually use the field. :) Management can set up source or marketing codes in the admin area and the front desk will be able to indicate if any...

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