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How to Handle 3 Types of Hotel Guests

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Welcome back when you want to start personalizing customer service with over a hundred check-ins on the books, we need to start with looking at three key personas of guests that are gonna, be checking in and out of your hotels on any given day.

Now let's, get started [ Music ] now before we get started today. Thank you again for checking out my channel. I'm your guru to service. If you like this video and want to help support my channel, please click the like button and subscribe below.

So that way you can be notified when we're, coming out with fresh information to help elevate. Everybody's. Guest services in today's, video. We are going to be addressing how we can personalize customer service for hundreds of different guests that are checking in and out of our hotels every single day.

We do this by breaking them down into three key demographics by better understanding what these people are and what they look for. Inside of our service, we can ultimately personalize and elevate the guest service for everybody in our hotel.

Now the first big group that we're gonna look at today are the business travelers. These individuals make up the largest group of travelers that move through the service industry at any given time. That being said, if we can understand what's going on in their heads and put ourselves in their shoes, we can start to identify areas of opportunity to help elevate and better our customer service.

So the first thing to do is realize that the business traveler is extremely brand loyal. They want to stay at the same hotel brand every single time because they're, almost gaming, the system to earn the points.

So if we know that business travelers are going to be checking in to our brands, we are now competing to earn the right for the business of them coming to our hotel and typically being great repeat, clients and customers coming in and out of our hotels.

Every single time they visit the city, so if we know that they're gonna be brand loyal, we know should also be aware of how they're operating now. Most likely a business traveler got up early in the morning, flew across time zones and landed in your city.

Still in the morning. They bounced between meetings, maybe jumping in and out of cabs or maybe renting, a car and getting lost. Now they've, been doing this all day long and when they check into our hotel, how do they feel they feel tired? They maybe feel frustrated from getting lost and going through all these meetings and knowing that they still have a mountain of work.

To do when they get to their hotel room, it's, exhausting. So what we need to be striving for is a smooth, seamless, check-in process, the more efficiently you can get them from the front desk into their room.

The better the experience for a business traveler so be aware that they're looking for the in-room amenities. They want the room service menus. They want to know what channels are gonna be on the TV they also are going to be looking for.

You to be able to proactively provide options and services for them like a wake-up call or additional pillows or additional coffees at the front desk, because they're, most likely not going to interact with you much after that moment.

So it's highly pivotal that we generate a very smooth check-in process for the business travelers, so they will continuously come back and visit our establishments every single time. They come to our city, but the second persona of guests that we need to be addressing are going to be the leisure travelers.

These are the individuals that are coming in on the weekends when we're at our busiest now. The thing to know about the leisure traveler they are gonna, be the most price sensitive. They're, also going to be the ones most aware of the reviews that your hotel has been getting.

So what does this mean? Well, the leisure traveler is most interested in the on-site facilities and amenities that you provide, which is drastically different than the business traveler we just spoke about.

So what does the leisure traveler going to look like the leisure traveler is going to be more in line with your families? They're, typically going to put the largest constraint on your departments. They're gonna have the most bags.

They're gonna be the most demanding on your housekeeping. They're, also gonna be the individuals that are perfect for assumptive service. Now assumptive service tells us that we can easily help and personalize the customer service to this individual guests by knowing what can I lead them to that? They're, most likely going to be interested in.

So some of the things that we want to have at our disposal would be pre-printed directions to commonly ask for locations. These are individuals that don't know the Feria, so have those directions at the hand, also know what's going on in your city, you're, an ambassador to your city and need to be able to ask leading Questions to uncover why people are in town and if you can offer them other ideas of places to go and things to see now.

The last group we're looking at today are the solo travelers. These individuals are identifiable because they're by themselves and they typically will have a backpack on or maybe carrying a duffel bag instead of the roller bag.

You would expect to see with your business traveler or the hoards of luggage from the leisure travelers. So, with the solo traveler, they're, a bit of an amalgamation between both the business and the leisure travelers all rolled into one.

They're gonna care about the in room amenities like the business traveler, expecting to have connectivity to Wi-Fi and great additional services and having everything laid out for them for in-room dining, but they're, also going to be typically pretty Well researched about where they want to go throughout the town, but we'll.

Also a lot of times leave a little bit of time open for other activities. So when we start thinking about how we serve these individuals, we want to be able to be ambassadors to our city and present them with other additional options that would be appropriate.

Based on the questions we & # 39, ve asked uncover what is important for this individual guests, all right, everybody, so that's, three quick personas of types of guests that we should be able to quickly identify, so we can start personalizing service for Them now I know there's, a lot of different types of guests that are coming in and out of your hotels.

If I & # 39, ve missed any, please comment about it below so that way, we can start a conversation on how you might address them. If you liked today's video and want to help support my channel, please click the like button and sub described below.

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I look forward to speaking with you next week and hearing about how you've, elevated your service, [, Music, ]

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