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Rate/Availability Report
Did you know there is just One Report that shows you exactly what rate, room and availability for each day your property is displaying? It's the most underrated report in the OpenHotel system, and is my personal favorite! 

The Rate/Availability Overview report is located under the main menu Reports and is the first drop down item. This report literally has everything you need to know about what your property is doing each day. The report lists day by day your room types, current rate plan, allotments, holds for all groups/maintenance/temps, bookings and remaining inventory available. It also shows you each channel if you are on the Channel Manager. You can filter by room, date and year. The numbers at the top are for quick navigation to that day of the month. 

If you see an item in BLUE it is clickable and will take you directly to either a rate plan or a list reservations. If you hover over the question mark icon it will tell you what your current cancellation range is. If you see an item in RED you are either sold out, closed, or there is no rate plan attached. GREEN means you are available and have rooms to sell. All of this, in the best report for trouble shooting any situation! Go check it out!

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