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Maximize Your Direct Bookings with TripAdvisor Connect and OpenHotel

We all know all too well how powerful TripAdvisor is. With monthly traffic of over 200 million, they influence your hotel daily.  Soon you will be able to display your rates and TripAdvisor visitors can click a link which will take them directly to your website for directly bookings. TripAdvisor is gearing up for the launch of TripAdvisor Connect, which is set to take place in the 4th Quarter of 2013.


If you are on the OpenHotel PMS the bookings will go directly into your system. If you use the OpenHotel booking engine and are not on the OpenHotel PMS, then you will be notified of a booking the same way you currently receive notifications by either fax or email or both.


OpenHotel is a Premium Partner with TripAdvisor. This is a revolutionary and exciting time for the industry, because independent hotels, bed and breakfasts, and smaller mom and pop operated hotels will finally be able to gain the exposure that they need to compete with larger chain hotels and online travel booking agencies. As many of you know OpenHotel has always been built on the principle of providing properties all the tools of the big guys. Once TripAdvisor Connect is launched, business listing subscribers will be able to connect with conversion ready travelers quickly and efficiently. They will have the power that they need to drive travel bound accommodation seekers right to their own website's booking page. This will be a phenomenal opportunity for subscribers to generate incremental revenues, and to maximize their direct bookings.


Competitive Costs and Eligibility Requirements


The best part about the whole deal is that the cost of acquisition is extremely competitive. The simple to manage Cost-Per-Click (CPC) solution that TripAdvisor Connect provides, will put you in complete control of your budgets and costs. Eligibility requirements to participate are easy to meet, and include the following:


             Property must have an active Business Listings Subscription on TripAdvisor

             You must work with an Internet Booking Engine (IBE) that is certified with TripAdvisor Connect.
               OpenHotel is a certified TripAdvisor Premium Partner

             You must be a registered and verified owner on TripAdvisor

             Create a campaign using the TripAdvisor Connect Platform

             You must have a website that has a booking page - which all OpenHotel clients do.


Benefits of Participating with TripAdvisor Connect


The benefits of participating with TripAdvisor Connect are numerous. Your property will receive completely free impressions in hotel price comparison search results every time someone lands on your TripAdvisor profile page. Impression mean that your rates are shown. If they click on your rate button you will be charged the amount of your 'bid' that you set up on your campaign. Because OpenHotel is a Premium Partner, the top level of participation, with TripAdvisor Connect, then you will receive regular reports on the return on investment (ROI) of you CPC campaign. In the past, small town America roadside hotels and other smaller establishments were completely overlooked. The TripAdvisor Connect platform has provided the makings of a win situation for everyone involved. Larger chain hotels will finally have competition to where they will be forced to be more competitive, smaller hotels and bed and breakfasts will see increased revenues, and customers will get many more choices than ever before. It is a clear victory for the little guy that might have a charming bed and breakfast to accommodate guests, but who can't afford to compete with larger hotel chains. Other Benefits of using TripAdvisor Connect are as follows:


  • Direct Bookings: Customers will be able to see availability and rates to book their accommodations directly, so that they can bypass online travel booking agencies.

  • Review Express: TripAdvisor's powerful review express feature will be integrated with the -services, so that properties can automatically solicit reviews from former guests. The integration of this feature will help TripAdvisor to collect more genuine and verified reviews.

  • Fairness and Equality: TripAdvisor Connect will only allow subscribers to acquire traffic via the hotel price comparison search on their own property pages. No bidding against competitor hotels is allowed, so the process will stay fair and equal all the way around.

  • Ranking and Minimums: Ranking will be based solely on CPC bids. The higher a subscriber's CPC bid is, the higher they will rank in the search results for hotel price comparisons. There are no minimum monthly spends either. Subscribers will only be charged for actual click-throughs, but it still may be a good idea to put budgeting caps in place. This will allow you to control your overall costs in a more efficient manner. No minimum spends is great news for TripAdvisor business subscribers that don't have a large budget, or a lot of extra cash flow. Search result ranks will never be biased, since everything is based solely on CPC bidding.

Getting Prepared for the Quarter 4 2013 Launch


Time is slipping by for subscribers who want to hit the ground running immediately by gaining a piece of the traffic action as soon as TripAdvisor Connect launches. To get prepared for the launch, please give us a call or drop an email to tripadvisor@openhotel.com.


How will I learn how to do this?


TripAdvisor will have documentation and help docs. Contact your TripAdvisor Rep with any questions.


What do I need to budget for my CPC campaign with TripAdvisor?


This will vary widely by location and market. As more of the hoteliers' tools are made available from TripAdvisor, this question will be easier to answer.


What is the cost from OpenHotel?


There is a setup fee of $250. There is an annual renewal fee of $150 starting the second year. There is no percentage or per reservation fee.


How do I get started?


Either give us a call at 702-628-5014 or drop us an email to tripadvisor@openhotel.com.

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