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Using Promotional Codes – Part 1
The use of promotional codes by hotels can be very advantageous. They provide a way to market a discount without diluting your public rates. They provide a method to develop relationships with businesses in the area. Hotel promotional codes can also provide excellent tracking of print or online advertising. They can also be fun. Yep, fun.

This article assumes that your online booking engine supports the use of promotional codes, like Open Hotel.

How can I develop a relationship with a local business with the use of hotel promotional codes?

Businesses are always looking for the ability to offer benefits to their employees without affecting the bottom line. Just look at yourself as a business owner or manager. Wouldn't you love to offer your employees something that would not cost you anything? The trick is to find the companies with enough employees and that are close enough to you to generate reservations.

Here are a few suggestions -

- Ask your current guests.

-  In your next e-newsletter (You do an e-newsletter, right?) announce your new partnership with companies within a certain number of miles of your property. Ask your e-newsletter readers to make suggestions.  Ask them if their company would like to offer this free benefit.

-   Look at your local businesses that routinely need hotel rooms. You ask 'How do I know who needs hotel rooms routinely?' Here are a few of my favorites.

- Hospitals. Their employees work different shift and can help you fill your non-demand periods. The visiting family members of patients need hotel rooms also.

- Retail stores/ grocery stores/malls. Again, this is a great way to fill those less busy days because they work many weekends and have weekdays off to take a few days off.

- The big boys in town. Who are the bigger businesses in town? Not only do their employees need time off but they have visitors that come into town.

-  Employee leasing companies. Look for companies that are within driving distance but not too close, of course. This is a great way to get your hotel discount message out to many companies with just one point of contact.

How can you setup a promo code using your Open Hotel booking engine?
Read the complete set of instructions here:
How to Add a Promo Code Discount

Next blog we will discuss online and offline tracking with the use of promotional codes.


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