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Being ADA Compliant Online
Less than a year from now the lawyers will have another arrow in their quiver and hotels are the target...again.

Several new regulations go into effect next year and they effect hotel's online bookings, as well as how over the phone reservations are handled.

A major change is the information that you make known on your website and specifically your booking engine. You have to allow people with disabilities the ability to find information about your rooms that effect them. You have to provide all the details so individuals can make a decision if the rooms meet their needs. It is not just online but also effects reservations made by phone and even your OTAs.

You also cannot book handicap accessible rooms unless all other rooms are booked. You have to leave them available to those that need them.

One great new change for hoteliers is the change to the regulations with regard to service animals. Many hotels have reported abuse of guests claiming to use animals such as snakes, parrots and monkeys as service animals. The new regulation states the only service animals covered by ADA are dogs and miniature horses. Yes, miniature horses.

Are you ADA Compliant? Get ready for these changes and ensure that your property is not in violation.

Open Hotel has an easy to use Rooms Feature, so you can update your rooms information in one place and it will update on your website rooms page (for Open Hotel website clients) and your booking engine. Be sure to include information about the accessibility of your rooms in the room descriptions to help guests with disabilities determine if the room will be suitable for their needs. To update your room descriptions in the booking engine, go to the Hotel Tab>Rooms and click on the details link for the room you'd like to update.

View all of the new regulations on the Government website here
There is also a small business primer page that has an easy to understand guide for understanding these new regulations.

Open Hotel has supported the ability for properties to prominently display ADA policies since 2006 and encourages hotel clients to use this feature as well as incorporate room accessibility info into their room descriptions.

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