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Customize Your Open Hotel Booking Engine Page
A hotel's online reservation system should entice customers to want to stay at the hotel. Pictures of the property are the best way to show customers why they want to stay at your hotel. Presentation and functionality are also a major factor. Can the guest find all the important information easily? Hotel address, phone number, and name?  This information should be displayed on your booking engine page and can be easily customized and formatted for Open Hotel clients through the content management system.

There are many different ways to customize your Open Hotel booking engine results page. This is the page that website visitors will see when they click to view rates and reserve. The results page shows your room rates and availability and allows guests to click to book their room.

Below is an example of the standard results page with no customization:

This is a plain white background with no pictures. After signing up for your free trial, Open Hotel will customize your booking engine page with pictures from your website. Below is an example of a formatted booking engine results page:

This customization is offered at no cost and can be further customized by the client. Upon logging in to the admin area, if you navigate back to the home page (click "Home Page" under Quick Links in the top left hand corner), you can change any of the text or images on the header, and add additional text below the reservation dates box.
Simply hit the  ESC key three times to go into edit mode. A red dotted line will surround the areas that you can edit. A black editor bar will appear from the top that you will use to format the text, add pictures, hyperlinks and more.
You can read detailed instructions for customizing your header here.

Additional Booking Engine Page Customization
If you would like your booking engine page to be seamless with your website pages and match your website template, then our Custom Results Page upgrade is for you. Below is an example of the booking engine page for Cardinal Hotel.


This is a separate website that users click off to but you would never know you left the site. The entire page looks exactly like their existing website. This is a great upgrade offered by Open Hotel for a one time fee of $299. If you are interested in this package you can contact your sales representative for more information by calling 386-760-1774, or email
sales@openhotel.com.  Get the most out of your online reservation system with a customized booking engine results page.

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