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A hotel's online reservation system should entice customers to want to stay at the hotel. Pictures of the property are the best way to show customers why they want to stay at your hotel. Presentation and functionality are also a major factor. Can the guest find all the important information easily? Hotel address, phone number, and name?  This information should be displayed on your booking engine page and can be easily customized and formatted for Open Hotel clients through the content management system.There are many different ways to customize your Open Hotel booking engine results...

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Open Hotel booking engine is easy to use and setup. We are currently offering a 15 day trial so that you can try out the Open Hotel booking engine and see how it works for your hotel. Sign up for the Open Hotel booking engine 15 day trial here.What should you do within your 15 day trial?Explore the features and options you have with Open Hotel. Add rates and inventory to see how they easy and user friendly our system is. Add your rooms to see how they would display on your booking engine page.See how easy it is to setup your:RoomsRatesDiscountsPromotionsExtras & Room OptionsLook through...

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Alternate Image is proud to announce the recent re-branding of their online booking engine application for hotels, called Open Hotel. Open Hotel booking engine is now offered as a stand alone product for hoteliers who already have their own website and webmaster but would like to take advantage of the great features and affordable pricing plans for the booking engine. Until recently, Open Hotel was an application offered to existing website clients as part of the total website application suite, with the Guestbook, Photo Gallery, Content Management and Page-On-The-Fly-Generator...

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