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How for hotels to avoid warnings on their websites

OpenHotel is proud to announce that Agoda has now been added to the list of partners on its Channel Management Software.

Gone are the days when hotels could manage inventory and rates manually on multiple channels. OTAs, which include such channels as Expedia, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Booking.com, and now TripAdvisor, require too much time and accuracy to manage manually anymore.

Airbnb - the new foe in town?

The latest from TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Connect announcement

Open Hotel is rolling out a number of upgrades to it hotel reservation system. 

Why is hotel online booking software different?

The popular channel management software, ChannelRUSH, recently completed their integration with Open Hotel Booking Engine to allow hoteliers to manage rates and inventory in one area.  Open Hotel is an online reservation system for hoteliers that allows their guests to book rooms directly from the hotel's website.  ChannelRUSH is a web based hotel channel management system for revenue managers to maintain their hotel's rates and availability across many different 3rd-party sites at one time. The ChannelRUSH system integrates with more than 100 different sales websites and booking systems used by revenue managers and Open Hotel is proud to join this list of compatible channels.  

A look at some of our longtime hotel clients that have been using Open Hotel for their online reservation system since it's inception. See how these hoteliers use Open Hotel for booking reservations through their website.

Open Hotel is offering free online classes for Open Hotel clients. Learn about how you can make your website more search engine friendly to rank higher on search engine results. Also learn some valuable Internet marketing tips from the pros, broken down in easy to understand terms that even the non-techy people will understand.

We've always been a company to offer custom website designs for hotels, where designs are the result of careful planning and thoughtful design questionnaires.  But when you have hundreds of hoteliers asking for affordable website options to use as soon as possible, we just had to develop pre-existing designs to choose from. Now, hotels can pick a design and make it their own for $400.

The use of promotional codes by hotels can be very advantageous. They provide a way to market a discount without diluting your public rates. They provide a method to develop relationships with businesses in the area. Hotel promotional codes can also provide excellent tracking of print or online advertising. They can also be fun. Yep, fun.

Open Hotel offers a seamless interface with GDS, the Global Distribution system for travel agents and portal sites, where you have one point of management for your website rates and GDS rates. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from hoteliers.

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