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Client Testimonials
Open Hotel has worked with and for 100's of hoteliers since 1998. We would love to add you to that list. With hotel friendly pricing and features made to work the way your hotel works, we are sure you will love Open Hotel regardless if you are looking for a full Property Management System or the perfect solution for online booking.
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"We have been a client of Open Hotel for about 3 years. We have found their online internet booking software to be 100% reliable, with absolutely no issues regarding room availability or rates. Open Hotel is extremely easy to learn and use with great proficiency. The staff at Open Hotel is exceptionally customer-service oriented and always responds to requests for assistance in a timely, friendly, manner ensuring that our needs are met completely. - Aileen Band, Tropical Manor and Audrey's Beach House"
Tropical Manor
Daytona Beach, FL 07-21-2010
"'Since 2:30 today when you put the Crazy Manager's Special on my web site...there have been 2 reservations for this month!! You are FANTASTIC! AMAZING! Thank you so much!!!' - Carol Collet"
Daytona Inn Beach Resort
Daytona Beach, FL 04-19-2010
"'When Michelle Herrin told me I would be amazed at the results I would experience once my web site was up and running she wasn't kidding! I no sooner got off the phone with their office after speaking with their tech support who have been invaluable in assisting us develop our site and who advised us that we were now 'live,' when we received our first faxed rental request. We are very pleased with the job they did in designing the web site and with their on going customer support service. Everyone there has been great to deal with. I look forward to increased occupancy as we become more skillful with editing our site to take advantage of its full array of capabilities. Nice job guys, glad we found your company. Dave and Karen Hansen, BlueMule Vacations'"
Blue Mule Vacation Condos
Daytona Beach, FL 01-26-2010
"We have been using the myriad of services you offer for over six years. During that time we have had the need to interact with all departments: marketing, graphics, accounting and SEO services. We have always had the best care! The staff is so friendly that we know them by their first names and they know ours. They are quick to respond to problems and patient while listening to our concerns. We have succeeded online with reservations and a great web presence with their expertise. We would not know what to do without them. Thank you to all and God bless. Don DiCarlo, President Golden Bear Cottages Resort"
Golden Bear Cottages Resort
Big Bear Lake, CA 07-27-2010
"Open Hotel is a great product that I would recommend to any Hotel. It is very easy to use and self explanatory. You find all the features you need for a booking engine. I have got my training on it and even if I have extra questions I get the support I need. It is important to have that personal touch and the support team is always available and able to help. I really thank them for their outstanding service and wish to work with them for years to come. Keep it up! - Benjamin Regalado, Revenue Manager"
Clinton Hotel & Spa
South Beach Miami, FL 09-08-2010
"I would very much like to thank the excellent staff at Open Hotel. Our website was so outdated and the new one is fresh and exciting. They brought us into the year 2010 and with great pride we present it to the public. Deborah Bailey, Best Western Deltona"
Best Western Deltona
Deltona, FL 09-10-2010
"This has got to be the easiest system I have ever used - Americano Beach Resort"
Sarah Young
Daytona Beach, FL 11-24-2010
"I had a sales person call to offer me a different booking engine for my hotel, I ended up telling them all about Open Hotel and sold them on the product. That's how much I love using this system. There really isn't an easier to use reservation system out there."
Peter C
Daytona Beach, FL 04-05-2011
"I have worked with the owners of Open Hotel and Alternate Image, Michelle and Jeff, since the mid 90's. From hotel web site design and hosting to email services SEO and GDS. They have done work at 5 hotels and our local hotel motel association that I have either managed, provided consulting services or served on the board of directors. In addition the have done multiple web sites for our Convention and Visitors bureau. You will never deal with a more professional or honest group of people providing these kind of services to the hospitality industry. They stay current with providing new technology to our hotels. Cost is a big reason we use Open Hotel. Why would we pay a commission for reservations made on our own hotel website? One point maintenance and management integration with the GDS is wonderful. To do work on your hotels booking engine and have it set the same rates on the GDS is a big time saver. Less chance of errors in doing it in one system. Over the years switched hotels off of unirez. They charged resv fee and commissions. Commissions kill you on long stays. Switching your gds to open hotel should be a profitable change. Open Hotel will do her best to make it painless and guide you through the process."
Mark Applegate
Daytona Beach, FL 11-04-2011
"I called for assistance since I still had a question or two, person who answered the phone was FANTASTIC! all done. I am happy to refer your business,"
Esin Davis
Daytona Beach, FL 05-29-2012
"Michelle, Thanks for all the SEO updates, am getting great feedback from the new website and online booking!! Have a great day!"
Gregg Greenwald
Cocoa Beach, FL 03-01-2013
"Normally I try not to email you with piddly stuff since I know you get hundreds of emails in a day, but this is AWESOME. There so many times when I wished I had this feature in other pms systems. What a fantastic addition. - Regarding PMS automatic email templates"
Melissa from Avenue Garden Hotel
New Orleans, LA 03-01-2013
"I am a hotel owner in Maine. I met Michelle many years ago when we were both working for hotels in Daytona Beach. Michelle designed 2 websites for hotels that I managed and redesigned my own website when I finally became a hotel owner. I believe that her knowledge from working at the hotel help design a site that was user friendly and incorporated all the applications that are needed for our unique property. I am excited that they now offer affordable property management software, something not previously available to small properties.'"
Connie Boivin
, 11-08-2013
"I just wanted to let you know I love this system. I think it is absolutely perfect and obviously built by a real 'Hotel person'"
Jazmynn Post
, CA 08-05-2014
"Just so you know how your people are doing. I took your advice and put in a support ticket this morning expecting to hear back by the end of the day. I received a reply back in 20 minutes which addressed all my requests and answered all my questions. OUTSTANDING Customer Service, I am loving Open Hotel!"
Hotel Santa Ana .
Merida, Mexico, 09-09-2014
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