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Logging in to your admin area
When logging into the OpenHotel PMS please remember to Check the Remember Me Box below your password information. This will enable you and your staff to navigate through the system without logging you out. After each employees shift they can uncheck the remember me box so the next person coming in behind them can login using their individual login. This is important to keep track of the employee activity log. Many times when working in different internet browsers the browser holds current sessions. These sessions will sometimes not ask you to login, but will automatically log you in if the remember me box is checked, hence the importance of unchecking the box when the employee shift is over.

The system will log you out if you do not have sufficient rights to access any application that is restricted based on your department.This is different than the remember me box, but should be noted. If this happens, the system will require you to login again. 
After entering your email and password you will be prompted to enter a phone number for the 2 factor authentication.  If you are using a landline, please check the Voice Verification box.  Once you enter the number click Verify.  You will either receive a text message to your phone or a call with a code.  Enter the code and click Verify and this will allow you to access the system with added security.

The two factor is based on device.  There may be a few factors that would require you to enter your number to log in:

    Updates to browsers
    Changing browsers on your device
    Each device will require you to put in your phone number
    Every 30 days you will need to re-enter your phone number and the code

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