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How do Channel Managers work with a Hotel Property Management System?
What exactly is Channel Management? How do they access your channels? How do they integrate with your hotel property management systems?

Not too many years ago what used to be just a few extranets is now exploded to literally hundreds of different channels that your hotel can be listed on. The problem, of course, is management of these channels with an eye on guaranteeing parity for your property and not overbooking.

While this may seem like an easy task is Channel that is added brings its own administration area that must be navigated. Being on just a few of the major channels such as Expedia, Booking.com, an Orbitz is more than just time-consuming it is a delicate task that needs to be done not just daily but multiple times per day.

With the OpenHotel property management system you have the option of participating in our Channel management system. Your rates and availability are in live time. This means that when a reservation is made on any of the channels that you wish to participate with the reservation comes directly into your hotel's property management system. Inventory is in real time. Change rates? No problem. Rates are updated across all channels. No more overbooking. No more parity issues. No more lost or forgotten reservations that do not make it into your hotel property management system.

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