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Credit card processing on the OpenHotel PMS

There are two ways to process credit cards for your reservations. Both ways are outlined below along with some FAQ's.

Manual Processing

When you receive a reservation either from your booking engine, by phone or by other means, you simply process the credit card information using the method provided to you by your credit card processing company or bank. This is typically a credit card terminal or you process online. The amount and when the card is run is based on your policies.

Automated Processing

The OpenHotel PMS can automate your processing of deposits and charges. The system can be set to charge a percentage of the reservation or a flat fee upon time of booking with the remainder charged at check-in or check-out. Of course, if it is the property's policy not to charge a deposit, no deposit will be charged. You can also change the amount to be charged based upon a rate period. An example would be if you wished to charge a higher deposit during a special event. If you were running a special and wanted to make it non-cancellable and payment in full due at time of booking you can also do that automatically.
Amount charged is based on room nights and taxes. Surcharges, Options, and Extras are not figured into the automated charges.

In order to process credit cards you will need a merchant account and a payment gateway. A payment gateway talks between the internet and the credit card processing. It is like an online terminal. Here is a link that explains payment gateways in detail.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payment_gateway
There are a number of payment gateway companies.

We support the following gateways -


Paypal for International clients only

After you sign up with your gateway they will give you some code. We need this code to turn on your credit card processing. Each gateway processor requires different information for implementation.

You may view a comparison chart of different payment gateways as well as sign up click here 

If you have any questions about processing in general or how it integrates into the system, please call support.

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