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TripAdvisor Connect Update
TripAdvisor Connect will launch on September 1st....kinda.

There are three separate components to TAC. The first one is the portion where the property can bid for placement on the TripAdvisor listing for that particular hotel property. And with September 1st quickly approaching they have not made it clear on what the property has to do to set up their budget or their guidelines for the PPC campaign.

The other two campaigns include their ROI tracker and TripAdvisor's campaign to reach out to your clients for more reviews. Both of these components will not be available from TA until November per their updates to us.

Let's discuss the ROI tracker first. It is a shame that properties cannot easily determine from the beginning if they are making money with TA Connect. This will be a critical part of the puzzle for any property. If I am paying for clicks and they are not completing the booking process or if they are going back to book on the OTA's then Trip Advisor connect will not remain a advertising venue that I will continue. Why is the ROI piece not coming out for two months?

With TripAdvisor it is all about reviews. They have built their reputation and they rankings on all the search engines based on reviews and stars from hotel guests. They are obviously a dominant player in the hospitality industry because of this. And their dominance since they split from Expedia is becoming more and more evident. A way to increase this dominance is to not only increase reviews but to also have a method that validates that they guest has stayed there. Not that anyone ever writes phoney reviews..... So while some hotels will say WHAT! DON'T ASK MY GUESTS! others will soon come to the understanding that guests that are unhappy are going to post 11 times more often that guests that are happy. So prodding the happy ones may prove beneficial. We will soon see starting November 1st.

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