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How Google Works - How to tell when your site was last cached
We are constantly asked how to rank better on Google but often people do not understand how Google works. If you understand how they work, you can understand how to have more of your pages indexed and how to rank. This is Google 101.

Whenever you read about search engines is it always Google. This is because Bing/Yahoo are a distant second. When you talk about Google, you are actually talking about their algorithm. This is the mathematical equation that ranks sites. And regardless of what anyone tells you. no one outside of the PHDs at Google know the algorithm. What we do know is what Google tells us when it comes to what is important and what is a no-no.

The first thing that Google does is crawl the web. They go from site to site and follow links from each site to find new sites. This is done by the Google spider. The spider can only follow links that it can read and click. It will not follow content that requires a password to access.

When the spider crawls your site it takes all the text and links and stores them. Then it goes to the main database and dumps the information for processing. There are actually multiple main databases but this is intended as a simple overview not anything more. The database then takes the information and applies the algorithm to it and ranks your pages based on the content it has.

You want to make sure your site is not only spidered but that there is new content for the spider. The more often you add content the more often you will be spidered. If the Google spider sees new content, it will come back sooner next time. If you would like to see when your site was last updated go to Google and in the search box type - cache:http://YourDomain.com. Obviously replace YourDomain.com with your actual domain name.

Next time we will talk about how to get your site indexed better.

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