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If you had a shoe store and sold shoes on your website you would never even consider paying the software company a fee or a percentage for every pair of shoes that you sold. But every day, every minute hotels pay software companies a percentage or a per reservation fee for their hotels online booking software.

It just does not make any sense.

And it is getting worse and becoming more and more of a trend. It does not cost the software company many additional money if you book 1000 reservations or if your hotel has 10 reservations.

In the early years of hotel online bookings (yep - we were there) there were hotel software companies that charged a percentage for each hotel reservation. I remember an invoice for $1800. That was one of the things that started the process of building the Open Hotel system to what it is today. That was 1998.

We started with a flat fee. We still are. So if you are really looking for a fully tested (13 years now and with 1000+ clients) flat fee booking engine, give us a try.

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