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Hotel Source Codes for Marketing and Tracking Reservations

Source codes track why people chose your property. It could be an ad or an email that you sent out or word-of-mouth or walk in, for example.

The important thing about source codes is that if you don't use them or use them sporadically the data is not accurate. As important is every marketing dollar is equates to exactly how important tracking the source of your business is.

To view your source code go to Reports> Reservation Tracking> Reservation Sources. Click the green button to add your source. Enter full name and a code. Click submit.

Now that you have added a source code when a new reservation is input there will be a drop-down field to select a source code.

To review reports on source codes go to Reports> Reservation Tracking> Reservation Sources. Here you will find a list of all of your source codes. To view a report click on details. This report is printable and downloadable.

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